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What is Brit Soccer Recruit?

Brit Soccer Recruit is the newest and most exciting sports consultancy that gives talented individuals the opportunity of becoming a student athlete in the states. Created by an ex scholarship student, Sam Reed went through the whole consultancy process and spent four very successful years in Minnesota. Current American and British coaches also assist Brit Soccer Recruit, which combined, ultimately allow talented players gain a soccer scholarship.

Why use Brit Soccer Recruit?

The fundamental goal of Brit Soccer Recruit is to provide quality players the opportunity of gaining a soccer scholarship with an American university.

Exclusively marketing players to coaches all over the states, Brit Soccer Rrecruit will go above and beyond in supporting and assisting each player to ultimately find them the right scholarship option.Specialising in working with those talented players along the south coast and neighbouring areas, Brit Soccer Recruit can turn your ambitions into a reality. Dream. Pursue. Achieve

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